Into Records is a brand new label based in England and set up in 2014 to provide a service  concept which is unique in the Music Business.

Our Label is a sister company of a very successful and well known Booking Agency, Metal Music Bookings www.metalmusicbookings.com which books world renowned Artists in the field of Rock/Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Music genres.

Our  Company Director, Denise Dale saw a niche in the music market place to combine the powers of her very successful Booking  Agency together with a Record Label and album releases.

The power of touring for any band whether they are at stadium level, down to club touring is important and combining that with the integration of  Into Records Label behind the whole process makes the recipe a powerful one to both  sell albums physically or digitally worldwide and to bring great success to international Artists.

Into Records is developed to service the digital and fast paced world we currently live in and to also service the needs of up and coming new talent as well as established Artists in the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Rock and Alternative Rock genres.